Solomon Islands that is peaceful, productive and prosperous and one that embraces and honors diversity, sustainable futures, justice and equality for all.


MWYCFA is committed to uphold and promote, protect and fulfil the rights of women, young people, children and families through effective partnerships, inclusiveness, fairness and creating equal opportunities to advance the wellbeing of the nation

Our Values & Principles

  1. Equality before the law and Equity, justice, fairness and participation in all spheres of society
  2. Family is the foundation of society and recognising that the best interest of the child must be paramount.
  3. Mainstreaming - needs and empowerment of women, youth, children and other marginalized groups-are cross cutting and central to development planning.
  4. Achieving gender equality is the shared responsibilities of women, men, girls and boys.
  5. Mutual accountability and Partnership between government and NGOs/CSOs and with donor partners can facilitate holistic development.
  6. A healthy environment is essential for a sustainable future

Our Five Strategic Objectives

  1. Advance gender equality and enhance women’s development ensuring the active contribution and meaningful participation of both Solomon Islands women and men in all spheres, and at all levels, of development and decision-making.
  2. The Solomon Islands government will exercise leadership to end all forms of violence against women and support advocacy in this regard at the local, provincial national, regional and international levels, by all sectors and all political and community leaders, as well as the media and civil society.
  3. Promote the development of Solomon Islands youth to achieve their full potential through a range of programs and activities that offer choices and assist them to make informed decisions about their futures and their roles and responsibilities in the political, social and economic development of Solomon Islands.
  4. Protect and develop the interests and rights of our children regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or cultural background; ensure that these rights are acknowledged and promoted, and that children grow into responsible citizens.
  5. Develop & manage MWYCFA’s professional and organizational abilities to achieve the above.

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