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The Ministry was established in March 2007 with the transfer from the Ministry of Home Affairs of the three sectoral divisions (Women’s Development Division, Youth Development Division and Children’s Development Division). The HQ Division and Research, Planning and Information Division (RPPID) undertake cross-cutting tasks for all Divisions. The responsibility of ensuring the protection, survival, participation and development rights of women, youth and children is a responsibility of many parts of government at the national, provincial and local levels, however this Ministry is government’s focal point for these e! orts. In addition, the Ministry organises national consultations on issues related to the development of women, gender equality, youth and children.

Roles of Women’s Development Division

The Women’s Development Division was established in the early 1960s as the Women’s Interest Section, focusing mainly on domestic areas like cooking, sewing etc. As time passed, Women’s Interest grew into the Women’s Development Division with a broader perspective in addressing the needs of women. Today, in its efforts to address gender equality and women’s development it has the following roles:

  • In collaboration with stakeholders, implement, review/formulate and coordi nate national policies related to women and gender and our international commitments, especially CEDAW.
  • Coordinate national level planning and collaborate in program implementation on gender and women’s development and support similar work in provinces.
  • Collaborate with other Divisions, organizations and development partners on research, reviews, evaluation and data collection on issues of concern to wo men, and disseminate information on women and gender to all focal points.
  • Provide assistance, skills and training at national, provincial and community levels, including financial and technical assistance to women and women’s groups as and when possible.
  • Identify needs and support special initiatives for women where existing insti tutions and agencies are unable to meet.
  • Work closely with NCW in promoting issues of concern to women and encourage its roles as a voice and a forum for women and by women.


Youth Development Division

The Youth Division began in 1993. The overall function of the Division is to manage the government priorities for youth development, which includes:

  • Overseeing the implementation and further development of the National Youth Policy, policy directives related to youth and planning for government youth sector priorities and programs
  • Administering, managing, monitoring and reviewing all grants for youth development.
  • Supporting and linking national and provincial e! ort for youth development, including Provincial Youth Policies, Provincial Youth Councils and other youth activities.
  • Consult with CYP, NYC, SIG Ministries, NGOs, FBOs and Youth stakehold ers regarding government policies and programs on youth and vice versa.
  • Organising, implementing, coordinating and celebrating youth-focused events like International Youth Day, National Youth Award, Youth Parliament, etc.


Roles of Children’s Development Division

The Children’s Development Division’s key roles are:

  • National focal point for converging policies, plans, activities and information on the UNCRC.
  • Oversee the implementation and further development of the National Children’s Policy.
  • Government’s focal point for all child-related issues and programs. The Division works in close partnership with other Ministries, provinces, NGOs and international organisations and donors having mandates focused on children.
  • Secretariat for the National Advisory Committee on Children (the NACC, which is mandated to advise Cabinet on issues a! ecting children, to coordinate the implementation of the CRC) and to develop and disseminate advocacy materials that promote the interests and rights of the child.


Roles of HQ (A&M) Division

  • Responsible for the Ministry’s administration and accounts functions, including budget preparations.
  • Responsible for the overall management of the Ministry including terms and conditions of staff, recruitment, training, promotion and discipline.
  • Responsible for providing administrative and logistic support to the four divisions ensuring their programs are carried out e! ectively and smoothly, and on schedule.
  • Report to Cabinet, facilitate and implement Cabinet Directives.
  • Custodian of and administer Public Service guidelines, procedures and regulations in the Ministry.


Roles of Research, Policy, Planning and Information Division

The Research, Policy, Planning & Information Division supports the other Divisions in terms of policy, planning, coordination and “information-education-communications” (IEC). The following are some of the roles played by the division:

  • Establish and support e! ective and reliable communication networks with key stakeholders and back that network up with a reliable information/data system that government can base its policy initiatives upon, and stakeholders can use to coordinate their program assistance.
  • Undertake and support research into targeted areas/issues in the Divisions of Women, Youth and Children; and
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of government policies related to women, youth, children and families; use the resulting data to advise and assist the other Divisions and stakeholders in the implementation of their policies, programs and activities.


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