Our Partners

The Ministry continues to work with its partners and networks and seeks to strengthen its partnership role and build on to the existing number of partners it already enjoys to share knowledge and support existing capacity.

In all our programmes we:

  • Work in collaboration with all partners through sharing of resources, technical expertise, policy dialogue, planning, information and training.
  • Enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with each of our statutory authorities- the National Council of Women and National Youth Council and our fixed grants recipients – the Family Support Centre and the Christian Care Centre to improve accountability, efficiency and alignment with government policy.
  • Develop similar arrangements with key implementing partners as and when necessary.

We work in partnership with Development Partners, Government Ministries, Provincial Governments, International and local Non-Government Organisations, the Private Sector, Churches, Communities, Women and Youth Groups through the National Advisory and Action Committee on Children (NAACC), the National Youth Stakeholders Coordination and Monitoring Committee, National and Provincial Youth Councils, SAFENET members, EVAW National Taskforce and the National Protection Committee.