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  1. We will oversee the implementation of existing national policies and international commitments affecting our women, youth, children and families, taking a mainstreaming approach to ensure their suitability to our local needs and situations, and identifying the synergies within them so as to maximise their effectiveness. Alongside this, we will contribute to national policy developments and developments in the inter national arena.
  2. Following government’s administrative, financial instructions, general orders and code of conduct, etc., we will facilitate the implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of its policy responsibilities and program activities, placing equal emphasis on women, youth, children and the family.
  3. In keeping with our valuing partnerships, the Ministry will work with its partners on issues of common interest, such as HIIV/AIDS, disaster management, environmental sustainability and research on related subjects.
  4. Based on approved policies, we will develop the capacities of the Divisions of MWYCFA to respond to the current and anticipated needs of women, youth, children and families. In keeping with the outcomes of the four policies we will encourage and/or provide capacity development support for our stakeholders, and
  5. We will do the research, planning, and information dissemination on relevant developmental issues and activities and design policies, programs, etc., related to women, youth, children and families (the latter being especially important as little research has yet been done on the family in Solomon Islands).

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